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Introducing Uassist.ME Teams

We invest our intellectual and human capital, our internal procedures, and our services to overcome a client’s challenge and help them reach the highest level of productivity.


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At Uassist.ME, we have teams up to 25 people to help you organize your time. Our specialized teams are divided in two types:


Teams specialized all in one task

We have helped several companies by consistently meeting the client’s expectations by making all hires carefully vetted for their specific needs. We’ve always been able to pivot quickly with them as they continue to grow their business. 



Teams with different positions

The type of job required by several clients suggest a high level of detail and process-oriented employees. We’ve helped them by providing suitable candidates, based on the knowledge and experience needed for their role in the particular industry. 

These are some of the companies that trust us:
  • Digital Marketing Agency
Its CEO first contacted Uassist.ME because he was in need of a virtual assistant.  As a young entrepreneur running his successful family business in Las Vegas and in the midst of starting his own business, he needed assistance handling some clerical work he just didn’t have the time for.

The Uassist.ME team scouted and found the talent that he needed. We have been able to fill 6 full-time positions inside of the team. The team is now comprised of a group of experienced professionals such as Marketing Experts, Public Relations Professionals, Designers, Developers, Content Marketers such as Copywriters and Social Media Managers.

  • Global Entrepreneur Network

Members of this organization are successful business and start-up owners on several industries. We initially started providing administrative and personal assistance to the founders. It later escalated to research projects and slowly became a team focused on lead generation.

They are currently working with 32 Virtual Assistants, we’ve been working with them for four years now and hope to keep growing with them and help them reach their full potential with the help of our virtual assistants.

  • Information Technology and Services Company

Uassist.ME has helped this business grow by boosting sales in different locations and increasing the number of e-commerce stores internationally. Processes have been improved such as returns and back-orders management.

By keeping Customer Service rankings up to date and efficiently solve incoming requests efficiently, a Remote Team from Uassist.ME has provided solutions to the challenges that this company has faced. Currently, they count with a team of 7 Virtual Assistants, and they’ve been working with us for almost 5 years.

  • Advertising and Publishing Company

Virtual Assistants from Uassist.ME have helped this Digital Marketing Company to consistently meet their client’s expectations. This type of the job requires a high level of detail and people oriented to processes.

Throughout the years, they’ve been able to assist their clients without losing their competitive edge on pricing. Their local team has integrated with 22 Virtual Assistants from the Uassist.ME team seamlessly and have created a high performance organization since 2012.

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We are ready to solve your back office complexities and provide simple solutions.

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